AUTOproff offers ground-breaking new open auctions where buyer and seller can see each other during the entire process and trade without fees.

As the very first we offer a new auction concept that is completely open. This means that you as a buyer can see which dealer that sells the machine. Likewise you can as seller follow who bids on your machines. This openness ensures a high percent of sales because buyer and seller can communicate through the entire process. Should a car happen to not get sold, the users have the opportunity to aftertrade the car after the auction has ended.

This also means that the usual fees will NOT be charged when the cars are being sold, which means that there will not be added any unnecessary costs to the cars being sold. The only cost that is connected to it is an insertion fee between DKK 100 to DKK 150 that will be charged depending on which subscription you have.

When the auction is over buyer can select a number of services including shipping of the car to buyer’s shop via a cooperation agreement with Auto Logik at attractive prices starting at DKK 352 for the first 50 km. The purchase price can also be deposited at AUTOproff via the build in Sikker betaling (Secure Payment). With that the purchase price will first be released when both parts agree that the machine has been delivered and is as described.