AUTOproff Fleet

AUTOproff Fleet
With AUTOproff Fleet you get a number of new opportunities Open auctions To be able to bid on our open auctions our only demand is that buyer is approved by AUTOproff with a valid dealer business code. (We only have professional actors from the auto business as members)

Branded auctions
For those who focus on selected brands there is now the opportunity for branded auctions, which gives a larger concentration and focus on the specific brand.

Closed auctions
With our closed auctions we give our Fleet customers the opportunity to offer cars in a closed auction with a carefully selected group of buyers. At this auction it is only the customers you invite who can bid on the cars.

Taxfree auctions
With AUTOproff’s new concept it is possible for foreign buyers to bid on taxfree cars.

Shipping and handling of logistics
In close co-operation with Auto Logik we can deliver the best and most effective shipping and logistics solutions in Denmark.

  • Collection of cars directly with you in all of Denmark.
  • Shipping to the closest storage center in Ringsted and Vamdrup.
  • Reception, including inspection of brand / model, km., colour etc.
  • Professional preparation and defoliation.
  • Handling of winter/summerwheels
  • Cosmetic and mechanical inspection/sales description in your language.
  • Professional storage in modern and secured spaces.
  • Term and duty MOT-test, including minor repairs.
  • Handling of re-leasing cars.
  • Handling of license plate.
  • Deregistration, storage, destruction

Handling of documents
Certificate of registration and COC.
Handling of export documents.
Service journal and spare keys.
Document of delivery and written authority.

With AUTOproff Fleet you get a number of new opportunities. We focus on optimizing the process from registration to delivery. This means that you as a seller do not need to unnecessarily ship the car before the sale. Valuation of carsAs an AUTOproff customer you can have the cars professionally valuated with and without tax before registrating for auction.

Guaranteed minimum prices
AUTOproff also offers guranteed sales price at auction and alternatively buys it in case minimum price is not reached.

AUTOFleet Management System
Gives access to inspection reports, valuations with and without tax, Track & Trace of shipping orders, registration of cars for auction, sales price information, interface with own IT systems and much more.